Poems are healing, wonderful and offer a great way to share our remembrances of and for the victims of 9/11. Our 2016 community forum is a great opportunity to provide our community with the nurturing support and care of the Pacifica Community.

The Being of Peace

Humanity has long lost me but it’s in dire need of me Humanity considers me trivial but I’m the most

Sonnet for sept 11 by Gwendolyn Lawrence Alley

Sonnet for September 11 thursday i listen to radiohead in a new purple polka dot sundress & i am trying to

These Brothers They by Gwendolyn Lawrence Alley

These Brothers They Let me tell you what I know about the Vietnam War. I know nothing except I didn’t

In the Prison of Perception

In the mist of darkened seas our shadows still project a scribbly silhouette— an “other’ed” face of god. From refracted

Whispers of the Desert Night Wind by Zaman Stanizai

Beyond the bloodshed and bombing, beyond the rubble and ruins of homes and hamlets, hidden identities rise from beneath, the

Rocking the World by Amy Beth Katz

Rocking the World I’ll never be as good as you I’ll never be hero, saint or nun or robin who

Peace by Jeanie Greensfelder

When you feel fury, open your fist and find the hurt held there. You want more than the world has to

I Think of Freedom by Mary Kunz

I Think of Freedom Mary Kunz --- inspired by a photograph taken by Nona Faustine - “From Her Body Came

Toward Available Light by Noelle Clearwater

Minnie was a tiny, gray, and crippled, old Southern woman, An eighty-year-old shut-in living in an apartment in the middle

Mystery Mist by Jeanie Greensfelder

Mystery Mist by Jeanie Greensfelder --- Come find me here in the morning ocean fog. My Monet eyes see people

The Family of Everything by Mary Kunz

The Family of Everything by Mary Kunz --- Driving home from Morro Bay last night, I see the sun low

Inflation by Mary Kunz

Inflation by Mary Kunz --- I want to take a pin and punch that balloon, that buffoon, that egotistical blowhard.

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