Rocking the World

I’ll never be as good as you
I’ll never be hero, saint or nun
or robin who earns the early worm

I’ll always run, a little
hot and cold
with lead seeping slowly from my pipes
even as the crystal mountain waters flow
through my mouth

I will always be more bedrock than gold
more fire in the veins than blood
more Twin
Towers crashing and crumbling down
than rising sun

But when dust clouds blot out the day
and acid rain falls
when Isis turns from goddess to banshee
and God plays with his nuclear toys once more
I will be umbrella to your worries
Persephone to your Hades
I will be down below or up-above for you, always
rocking the world in my arms

Bio: Amy Beth Katz is author of The Lizard Thieves: Love Poems (Living Dreams Press). She is poet, photographer, psychic, wilderness rites of passage and soul guide. She has been teaching cross-cultural communication for 25 years. Amy holds a Master of Arts Degree from Southern Illinois University and attends Pacifica Graduate Institute.