Humanity has long lost me
but it’s in dire need of me

Humanity considers me trivial
but I’m the most important factor in its focal

Humanity desires the change time;
but I’m the very needed enzyme

Humanity seeks for comfort
but fails to realize I’m its forte

Humanity clamours for conflict resolution
but I’m the very solution

Humanity is in a closed confused state
but I’m the key to open the Clarity Gate

Humanity finds a remedy to find another problem
but I’m the sure lasting solution claim

Humanity sees me as not serious
but I’m the most conscious

Humanity perceives me as un-inviting
but I’m the most encouraging

Humanity thinks it’s wealthy
but I’m what it really wishes: ‘healthy’

Humanity vicious circle will linger
if I’m not called to reverse the impending danger

Who am I?
I am simply ‘The Being of Peace’


The published author of over eight books loves to read, travel and communicate good thoughts.