Mystery Mist
by Jeanie Greensfelder

Come find me here

in the morning ocean fog.
My Monet eyes see
people appear and disappear
as they pass on the pier.

Neither gulls nor pelicans
feed on small fish.
That happens when
the sun shines and bait rises.

In mystery mist no one feeds
on anyone. Edges soften,
questions vanish, answers fade.
Peace reigns.

Come find me here.

(from Marriage and Other Leaps of Faith, Penciled In, 2016)

Jeanie Greensfelder is the author of Biting the Apple (Penciled In, 2012), and Marriage and Other Leaps of Faith (Penciled In, 2015). Her poems have been published at Writer’s Almanac and  American Life in Poetry; in anthologies and journals.