Throughout human history, people have been telling dreams in community. This ancient lineage of dreams and dreaming carries great significance in many of the world’s older cultures, and this lineage is trying to find voice in our modern world today.
The Social Dreaming Matrix is an experimental container for sharing dreams and images arising from the deep psyche. This opportunity to share dreams, without interpretation, with a dream calling out its response through another dream or an image, helps us to see into each other and into ourselves in compelling and evocative ways. Sharing this process can seed our dreams

and inner experiences for long periods to come, offering us inspiration and meaning.


Each session of the social dreaming matrix is an experiment designed to allow psyche to speak directly to psyche.  This approach has been used in meetings of Jungian analysts all over the world, as part of consulting efforts in a variety of organizations and groups, and it is currently being taught in classes at Pacifica.


Willow Young, MA, LMFT

Certified Jungian Analyst